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What is Clever Marketing?

Clever marketing is a unique way of promoting a business or product.  Marketing that challenges your ideas and makes you look at an
ad twice.

Marketing that is BOLD, CLEVER and compels you to buy a product or service.

Patricia & Co. is an energetic boutique marketing firm that takes pride in providing personalized attention and extraordinary customer service to each and every one of our clients.  We are passionate about finding solutions to all your marketing needs. Identifying your target audience, solving your marketing concerns, creating awareness of your products and services and driving new customers to your business is
our passion.

At Patricia & Co., solid experience, relationships and community connections are important to us. We have built and generated strong business relationships all across Washington State. In turn, our clients are able to enjoy the benefits of joining our inner circle of business leaders where we value the connections we have.

Marketing is more than a listing on an internet search or placing one post on social media. A robust and effective marketing strategy and plan makes all the difference in your business success.

Patricia & Co. is equipped to help you refine, develop and build your business goals and success. Call us to get started today!




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