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We're only as good as our work so here are what others say about us.

I appreciate you

I wanted to say thank you so much for your presentation today! You did a great job and I appreciate you talking the time to talk to business owners about marketing. I appreciate you!

Paul Long, Vice President

Timberland Bank

Patty Truly Cares

“In addition to marketing expertise, Patty truly cares about the success of her clients, and works tirelessly, above and beyond for their success. I think her personal services are key to her company; and are truly what she brings to the table. Her services rise above the product she delivers.”

~ Stephen Smith, owner, G. Donnalson’s Restaurant

We look forward to working with you again

“Thank for your hard work in helping Community Connection Place with our first event.  Your team  was very professional and caring about our vision for the community of University Place. We look forward to working with you again.”

~ Sheila Phillip, Executive Director, Community Connection Place

Very Attentive

“Patty and her staff are very attentive and willing to look outside the box for innovative marketing opportunities to propel my firm forward.”

~ Amy Pivetta Hoffman, Attorney, APH Law LLC

A great person

"Thank you, Patty. I am so proud of how you have made your business grow. Your smile and kind words show everyone what a great person you are and how you can help them grow their business! "

~ DR


"You have a wonderful presence and so much to offer any business!!!"

~ Jeff B.


"Patricia is very intelligent, but also brings to the table that energy one finds in a self-made professional."

~ Virginia


"You're an appreciated customer of mine!"

~ Zach Mallory, Lamar Advertising

I applaud you

"I admire you so much and how you give time back to your own community. For a business owner like yourself to donate time to share your knowledge is very commendable. I applaud you and I appreciate that you are very supportive with your Tacoma community."

~ Elaine Kitamura, Clear Channel Seattle

You have had a tremendous impact

"Although you're technically not a client of mine, you have had a tremendous impact on my business by introducing me to other great people in the community."

~ Tyler Hjelseth

Smartest business woman in Pierce County

"Patricia is the smartest business woman in Pierce County. I mean this!"

~ Ben Canales; Sonitrol Security

You Rock Patty!

"Thanks for being such a proactive Chamber of Commerce board member."

~ Brenna


"When you hire Patricia and Company, you get a professional who not only understands marketing, but who also understands business and the changing climate we live in. Patricia cares about you and your company personally, you're not just a number or client file. She takes an active, investigative approach to understanding your needs and how she can best help. I would recommend Patricia to anyone who has marketing needs."

~ Cosette

Give her a call

"Patricia is a woman I'm proud to call a friend. She is a kind lady, and has a lot of knowledge to help your business thrive. Give her a call, you won't be disappointed."

~ Lucille

Fine Tune Your Business

"Sometimes all it takes to fine tune your business is a fresh set of eyes looking at the operation. Patty has a wealth of business knowledge from which to draw upon, so combine your small business experience with hers and the outcome can be "profitable." Just talk to her and you will see what I mean!"

~ Howard

Full Engagement!

"I had the great pleasure of working with Patty on the Stan Flemming for Congress campaign. She is someone who pours her heart and soul into her work. Patty is a extremely creative, detail oriented and has a passion for serving others. Patty is also someone who utilizes the power of full engagement in her work and in her life in general. I encourage business professionals to network with her and consider utilizing her many professional talents."

~ Benjy

Very Enthusiastic

"I met Patricia first at a business seminar hosted by the Tacoma Community College. Patricia was very enthusiastic and eager to help the entrepreneurs succeed and that's what gravitated me toward her. In our conversation I mentioned wanting to connect with the banking industry and Patricia shared a great contact whom turned out to be invaluable in providing me the information I needed. Patricia is very friendly and a great networker.."

~ Paul

An Added Asset

"I had the privilege of being involved with several community events that Patty organized. I was so impressed with the professionalism of the events and the great turnout. I watched her turn an organization that was not very well known into a very well-known organization in the community. Her organizational skills, ideas, and enthusiasm would be an added asset to any business that was looking to have their presence expanded in their community."

~ Alice Walters, Columbia Bank

Great Work

"Nice job Patty! The buzz about your leadership is very positive! We appreciate your great work."

~ Dawn

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